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Fractional Human Resource Offerings

More details on services provided.

HR Strategy Development Services

HR strategy development is the art of finding balance between an organization’s issues and the solutions that help the organization to be successful. It involves having a solid mission, vision, and the right people in the right places. Discuss and determine a path ahead to not only correct any problems within the company but also continue improving.

HR Policies & Procedures Services

HR Policies and procedures are what drive an organization forward while ensuring that they are compliant with both Federal and State employment laws. We will not only review where your company stands, but begin to patch any holes and bring your company into compliance and maintain it for years to come. This service may be an intial or review process based on where your company currently stands.

Performance Analysis & Management Services

Performance management blends both employee engagement and accountability. It is the process in which employees are rated and reviewed on their actions toward achieving their goals and how employees are held accountable for not meeting expectations. We will provide your company an idea of where you and your employees currently rank as well help guide expectations and various check points to continue to improve morale, engagement, and accountability.

Resume Review and/or Services

These services are for a review of you current resume and recommendations for edits to ensure it is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant. Additionally, we will gladly take your resume and give it the proper refresh. Our resume revision service includes key insights for career growth or transition.  

Career Support Services

Looking or a new opportunity? Allow us to help you find your dream role. With our opportunity sourcing service, we will search for roles that align with the direction in which you are wanting to take your career. Once you find that new opportunity, we can support with interview preparation, the negotiation process, and career coaching. 

Full Cycle Recruiting

Are you looking to hire someone into your organization or looking to create a new role within your small business? This is the service for you. From candidate sourcing through hire, we are here to help. 

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