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Exclusive Services

Fractional HR Services are a flexible arrangement where businesses can access HR support on a part-time or as-needed basis. Rather than hiring a full-time HR professional, fractional HR allows organizations to tap into the expertise of HR consultants or specialists for a specific project, certain hours per week, or for a limited duration. 

HR Compliance Audit

A Human Resource Compliance Audits are essential for maintaining legal and ethical standards, protecting employees, and ensuring the smooth operation of the organization. 


Handbook Design

Employee handbooks provide clear guidelines and policies that help ensure consistency in how employees are treated and what is expected of them. This reduces confusion and misunderstandings. Additionally, handbooks are a one stop shop for employees to learn of their rights, benefits, and responsibilities within the organization.


Full Cycle Recruiting

Full cycle recruiting ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and effective approach to talent acquisition, resulting in better hires, improved candidate experiences, and enhanced organizational success. 


Job Design

Creating and structuring roles within your organization to meet the specific needs, resources, and goals of the company. While small to medium businesses may have fewer resources and a  smaller workforce, effective job design is still crucial for maximizing productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction. 

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